Business · April 25, 2023

Know more about real estate agent motivation

Time or money

Time or money are needed to find motivated seller leads in New York. While others create a website, run advertisements, or hire an SEO agency, others choose more modern strategies like driving for money, bandit signs, cold calling, direct mail, and driving for money. Numerous investors combine buying leads from lead marketplaces with a variety of strategies.

Locating motivated sellers

In order to locate motivated sellers in New York, you must first pique their interest. Try writing in black on a hot pink or orange construction worker board. Better yet, conduct A/B testing to determine which color gets the most calls. Just ensure that the following rule is followed: To ensure that your marketing efforts are not in vain, keep it simple and provide accurate contact information.

The motivated seller lead lists you use and the number of calls under the bar are essential to successful cold calling.


If this is the method that will be used to find motivated sellers in New York, it is essential to cold call as many people as possible on a daily basis. A study conducted by The Keller Center at Baylor University found that while 28% of people answer cold calls, only 1.7% of those calls result in appointments or referrals. Progress in cold pitching is essentially a numbers game.

What is a direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing campaigns continue to be successful at generating leads even in the digital age. To create your own list, all you need to do is search through public records. You are investing your resources in viable targets who are likely to accept your cash offer, despite the time commitment.

Driving around neighborhoods looking for properties whose owners need to sell but may not be actively looking for is a well-known outbound lead generation strategy known as driving for dollars.

What is a mortgage?

As this is where heirs sell off belongings from their inherited properties, attending estate sales can be a great way to network with motivated sellers. The mortgages on these homes are typically fully paid off, and the heirs may be willing to sell them for less than the New York market value.

New York probate, divorce, and bankruptcy attorneys may have clients who need to sell quickly, or you may have motivated home sellers who need their help.

You can meet them at events and gatherings for local businesses. For both of you, working with the right lawyers can lead to lucrative business opportunities.