Education · September 20, 2023

Is Yoga Teacher Training Right For You?

Anyone can get enrolled in yoga teacher training program and even complete the basic programs but have you wondered only a handful of them go onto become successful yoga teachers themselves, the reason for that is not hidden from anyone and it is not hard to figure it out, there are several obstacles that one faces during the program as it is not easy to complete the rigorous program, for many the physical endurance is challenge while other simply fail to bring the imagination required to understand the philosophy of yoga and meditation, but having a mentor like Marianne Wells by your side makes things a whole lot easier, Marianne Wells Yoga Retreat has been helping aspiring yoga instructors in taking their yoga practice to the next level.

The most commonly asked question is whether yoga teacher training program is right for you or not, the program itself has a lot of benefits but those who wish to learn yoga practice for enjoyment and short-term goals would never understand the positive things of yoga teacher training program, in truth this program is a program for those who have a strong desire to learn and become a professional yoga trainer.

Yoga TeacherBefore you get enrolled into a yoga teacher training program you should clear your of whatever you’ve seen on social media regarding yoga teachers and classes, it can be as deceiving as anything and one might compare yoga practice to yoga teaching as these are two very different things, often we see pictures and videos of a yoga teacher having an impeccable body and endurance that students look up to and think that we have to achieve just that and it will be all good, when you enroll yourself into a yoga teacher training program with that mentality then it would be a problem for you.